Understanding Why People Get Tattoos



Not everyone likes to be tattooed.  Those who oppose it have as much taunts while real tattoo artist does not also favor allowing people to get reckless and ink their entire body with ‘tramp stamps’.  Below are some reasons why people get tattooed and why they are proud to wear them.


People get tattoos sometimes as a closure or seal to indicate the gap left by the demise of a loved one and continuing with life after that sad experience.  This Las Vegas Tattoo eternalizes the experience with that loved one and an emblem of their former life.


However, healing the gap of that sad experience is just one reason why some decide to have a closure to it.  The pride left for them is the fact that everything that is inked in their body has a sad story behind it.  Since there is now an eternal reminder of those past events, they now move forward to continue with their life with bravery. Visit this Tattoo shops in Las Vegas for more info!


Radical art as opposed to the pitfalls of becoming co-opted by propaganda or commercialization is another way of expression.  In a statement made by a Marxian playwright names Bertolt Brecht, he refers to tattooing as revolutionary art, and that “art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”  He believes that to be a radical and a revolutionary artist is to be defiant of any imposition of form or content by any economic system, artist academy or political status quo.  You can see radical art everywhere which displays people’s liberal adoption on politics and society in the form of rebellious graffiti on walls.


Abstract painting is another form of radical expression of their feeling, their character or even a single thought on canvases.  But what better way for these type of people to not only own their radical thought because it is embedded on their skin and it is always with them wherever they go.  The artist’s presence is in the tattoo unlike graffiti and paintings where an artist can be detached from it.  If you ink your radical thoughts to your skin, it gives pride you pride since it epitomizes or embodies your being a full-fledged radical artist.


The idea of expressing something with or without great value to the person is another way why people carry them with pride.  It is like an act of heroism for some to know that something is embedded there for good.  Inking the name of a boyfriend in your younger years might not be taken positively by your fiance later in life. Learn more about tattoos at http://www.ehow.com/how_2046062_tattoo.html.


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